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Upcoming Events

April 5, 2014

Global Partnerships for Success.  UC Davis

Apr 28 - May 1, 2014

CIFAR Symposium:  Enabling Technologies for Bioconversion of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Feedstocks to High Value Products, in Collaboration with CIFAR China and CIFAR Canada. As part of the Society for Industrial Microbiology Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals Annual Meeting, Clearwater Beach, FL (details forthcoming)

Past Events


Sept 7-9, 2013

Global HealthShare® Symposium, UC Davis, RMI

Sept 13, 2013

CIFAR Executive Committee Meeting

1:00pm- 3:00pm, 1207 RMI South, UC Davis

Sept 16, 2013

Opening Ceremony of Confucius Institute, UC Davis

Evening performance, 8 -10:00p.m. Mondavi Center, UC Davis

Oct 9, 2013

CIFAR Advisory Board Meeting

10am-4pm, 1207 RMI South, UC Davis  Download the agenda

Oct 10, 2013

CIFAR Conference XXXII: Managing Energy, Water and By-products for Profitability in Food and Beverage Processing

Sensory Theater, RMI, UC Davis  Register today!   See agenda here

Oct 29, 2013

Food Summit, Nanjing China (organized by Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology)

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Nov 1-3, 2013

GSM-CHIC Executive Education Forum for CEO’s: Growing Agribusiness in China: Scaling Up and Staying Fresh, Jaiding, China


Nov 11-12, 2013

2nd Annual Global Summit South. Nashville, TN, Registration waived for CIFAR members
        (CIFAR endorsement on p. 25)

Jan, 2014

Conference on Safe, Sustainable and Smart Food and Beverage Processing, CIFAR-China. China (Tentative)

Jan or Feb, 2014

Food Foresight retreat (date TBD)

Feb 19-20, 2014

California League of Food Processor EXPO (includes training session)

January 30 - February 1, 2013

Food Foresight trends retreat


January 30 - February 1, 2013

Food Foresight trends retreat


January 30 - February 1, 2013

Food Foresight trends retreat


June 17-18, 2013

Global HealthShare Symposium

UC Davis
May, 2013

Clean Tech Center / AgStart Conference 

(date tba) 

May 14-21, 2013

2nd China Import EXPO/business meetings

Suzhou, China

April, 2013

CIFAR Board Meeting and Forum  

March 7, 2013

Canadian – Californian Agtech Business Forum  

February 5-6, 2013

California League of Food Processors Annual EXPO

January 30 - February 1, 2013

Food Foresight trends retreat


November 7, 2012

CIFAR Forum:  New Methodologies Leading to Significant Advances in Functional Foods.

Sponsored by State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology, Jiangnan University

Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China

October 10-12, 2012

ASERTTI Fall Meeting: Transformative Innovations in Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Generation.  
(Note:  CIFAR is an in-kind member of ASERTTI; Ricardo Amon will speak at the     meeting)

Seattle, WA

October 11, 2012

Seed Central Networking followed by presentation.
Speaker: Don Goodwin, President Golden Sun Marketing, Minneapolis, MN 

Introduction by Sharon Shoemaker

4:30 – 7:00 p.m. Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), UC Davis

October 11, 2012

China – The Next Gold Rush: Doing Business in China

Sponsored by CalAsian Chamber of Commerce and CIFAR

8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), UC Davis

October 10, 2012

CIFAR Advisory Board meeting (by invitation only)


1:00pm to 6:00,Board Room, Graduate School of Management, UC Davis

June, 2012

CIFAR Technology Forum:T he Many Faces of Biotechnology & Advances in Enzyme Technology

UC Davis

April 8, 2012

IGNITE - The CIFAR Technology Forum II: The Microbial World in Foods for Health, Microbial Food Safety, and On-farm Information Management

March 25 - April 1, 2012

China Import Expo

Kunshan, China

March 20, 2012

VTT Food Research Seminar

Natural plant ingredients and their applications’ -Prof. Anu Kaukovirta-Norja
Enzymes as tools in biomass and by-product valorization- Prof. Johanna Buchert

Silverado Sensory Theater, RMI Sensory Bldg, UC Davis

March 7-8, 2012

The GameChangers: Grow California’s 2012 Conference Series: Agriculture Innovation. CIFAR is a partner.

UC Davis Conference Center

February 16, 2012

Doing Business in China, Graduate School of Management (CIFAR is a partner)

February, 2012

Aftercare-Food for Health Forum. Consulate General of Canada (CIFAR is a partner)

San Francisco

February 6-10

Food + Health Entrepreneurship Academy, UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship, CIFAR is a supporting organization.

More Info
February 3-5

Food Foresight Trends Intelligence Retreat, UC Davis

CIFAR is the collaborating partner with Nuffer, Smith Tucker, Inc.
January 31- February 1

California League of Food Processors Showcase and Expo.
CIFAR will Exhibit.

November 28

CIFAR Conference XXX: The Agri-Food Business in China and its Growing Impact on California's Economy

UC DavisConference Center


October 4

NEAT Forum I: New Ways of Looking at Sustainability and Safety

NEAT: New and Exciting Advances in Technology and Sensory Theater
UC Davis, RMI South, Room 1207
October 3

CIFAR Advisory Board Meeting

UC Davis, RMI South, Room 1207


June 7

Dairy Technology Day II: Dairy Industry Sustainability

UC Davis Conference Center

April 4

CIFAR Conference XXIX: Biofuels - A Global Pipeline
UC Davis Conference Center
Powerpoints presentations to be available shortly.
July, 2013

Forum: Maximizing use of energy, water and “waste” in food and beverage operations